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Easter Flowers back and forth & up and down!
I will be back soon with new photos!


Winter excursion to Häckeberga lake and castle

Häckeberga sjö och slott is all year around a lovely place to visit, but the rare occations when ice cover the lake and it is possible to walk on it pople really go there to skate, play hocky, fish and ski.

I have avoided placese with a lot of people when photographing this lovely lake,
just  to show the solitude around the castle.

Look at my photos to see a very special place in South of Sweden.

The main entrance Häckeberga Castle

Häckeberga slott 1873 Seen from the lake.

Sun on the gable wall.  From the ice.  🙂

Island in the lake

Beech forest along the edge of Lake Häckeberga

Two friends taking photo of me as I take photo of them 🙂


Island in the lake just before sunset

People on the ice and snow in the air and sunset at the sky.

Sunset above Häckeberga


Birds from a cold winter

These are not pro-photos, just photos  caught by walking alon Ätran in the center of  Falkenberg
and only  for my amusement.

This little one sang so loud high above me and I’m told it is a:

Nuthatch – Nötväcka – Sitta europaea

Acrobatic flight of a hooded crow 🙂

Crows in different poses 🙂

One Corvus corone corone two Corvus corone cornix, i.e. a jackdawand  two crows   🙂

Female mandarin duck – Aix galereiculata

Mr Mallard

Just before touch-down 🙂

White-throated Dipper – Cinclus cinclus

White-throated Dipper

Mediterranean Gull – Ichthyaetus melanocephalus

Eurasian Coot

Eurasian Coot and Audouin’s Gull  Ichthyaetus audouinii

Great Cormorant  in blue shadows
Phalacrocorax carbo

Juvenile Herring Gull – Larus argentatus

Canada Goose – Branta canadensis

Whooper Swans – Cygnus cygnus


Wintermemories from Ätran

Memories from the river Ätran in January and February of 2010.
The coldest and most snowy winter we have had  in decades.

Natures own creations of frost and water!

Do you see the birds head in ice?

Looks a little like a dolphin to me 🙂

Snow &  ice-drops on rocks

More frozen dropps

Ice-Eoraptor, A big bird-like dinosaur 🙂

Cold and frozen  fish!

Sculptured by frost & the river


Rings of frost

Winter decorations


Happy new year 2010

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2010 with a small revew of 2009!













First Snow of December


December in Falkenberg

Some photos from nature and some from our small town!

December has been a month of a lot of frost and cold weather.
Glittering grass

Ready for the Christmas ham. Droplets and ice crystals on borecole

Lovely frozen leafs.

Struck by a sunbeam.

Can you see the Ice face ?

Ice-crystalls on green weed.

Natural lace 🙂

Anglehair ice or hair ice!

This is what the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute are telling us about the hair ice.

Hair-ice is an unusual phenomenon which is formed when moisture penetrates out of the water-
soaked pieces of wood at temperatures just below zero degrees.Piece of wood may not be frozen
while the ambient air temperature should be slightly below zero. Water emitted from the wood
through small pores can thenfreeze and grow from the inside so that the hairs grow longer and longer.
It is not entirely pure rainwater, but it contains some substances, possibly from the bacterium
Pseudomonas syringae, from the rotting wood that affect the ice-structure.

Hard frost and sunshine are lovely together.

Winter had decorated the town this day.

A star in a puddle.

In spite of the frost, I found these on December 13:th – The Lucia Day.

A cold leaf in a sunbeam.

Now these belong to December and Christmas.

Strange shapede hair ice!
To me it looks like a fable-animal.

Lets take a look at Falkenberg by night a cold and windy evening.

Here is a ghost cyclist.

Nygatan at half past six a cold and windy night.

Trees around the Town Hall Square.

Tinkerbell throwing stardust at Falkenberg.

And here is Tinkerbell.

Finally on December 17th we got snow. Not much, but it is snow!

Finally I wish you all


tour in the surroundings of Falkenberg town

Falkenberg is a very small town and here we need a bicycle to get around,
local busses goes abut 4 times a day.

there is about a mile to the pier and on a windy day it takes between 30 – 45 minuts to get there
Westnorthwest wind give but small waves

Westnorthwest wind at the pier

but some are worth to take a shot at


here Poseidon shows he is angry

Bending over

To get out of the wind I seek shelter in town by the river Aetran where we find

The skulpture Unit 1 & 2 by the artist Pål Svensson

The dark part is created by water floting over it.

Skulpturen Enhet 1 & 2 av konstnären Pål Svensson

and the old railroad bridge being dismantling

Dismantling of the old railway bridge

this is how it is done

Dismantling of the old railway bridge

And a view across the river 5 minutes walk from the town center

Across Aetran

A little father upstream I found a mute swan

Mute Swan Knölsvan - Cygnus olor

He was so pretty – one more photo of him

Mute swan

In a small park close to Aetran I found these Trift (Armeria maritima) now in October

Trift (Armeria maritima) thrift

Chrysantemum and a bee from the same park

Bee on Yellow

This day I continued to the enclosure with pigs, here is the mother-pig

Dirty mother pig

One of the piglets (she has 10)

Small pig

and two more

Two small piglets

Let’s continue to the bridge across Aetran and look toward town
and we can see the open-air theatre from the back.

Aetran and the open-air theatre

On the othe side there was lovely light and colours at the path

Red spots ahead

Blackberry leafs are lovely now

Blackberry leafs

So is grass in the sun with the dark water as background

Bending over dark water

The small pond – use to be a clay pit – with reflections

The pond use to be a clay pit

Anothe angle of the pond

Golden pond

In a puddle I found a pretty maple leaf floating on the surface

Floating red

some red balls floating in Aetran

Floating in green water

The openair theatre from another point

Vallarnas Friluftsteater - Openair theater

and one closer at the same theatre

Openair theater upsidedown in the river

A mallard applauding for being photographed

Dancing mallard

A branch of an ash-tree

Branch of an ash tree at Aetran

Disarray dandelion

Disarray dandelion

And I meet three jackdaws on the path.

 Three jackdaws

Whenever I can I take Storgatan when going to and from the town,
I love these old houses along this street

Storgatan 7

No 9

Storgatan 9
No 9 B

Storgatan 9 B

at home I looked at the asphaltplane in our “backyard”, there was a puddle of water.

It's justt a puddle

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